Natural, we can proudly say that all our products are dyed with safe vegetable dye and certified by Oeko-Tex standart. All made of the highest quality Turkish Cotton and all the frings and tassels are hand knotted by rural womens in our village in Turkey.

User friendly, as  light in weight and takes up little space meaning it’s the perfect travel companion(rolls right up to fit in a purse!). It is thinner and lighter than regular towel and absorbs the water as well as regular towel maybe more. Leaves your skin feeling invigorated with its natural structure.

Eco friendly and easy to care, Uses less energy while washing and drying , no need thumble dry as it dries very fast. If needed, gentle laundering is the best. Please do not use bleach, harsh detergents, or high heat. We recommend machine wash in warm or cold with like colors and line drying is a must. Because tumble dry on low cause to come undone or get tangled of handmade finishes. Each wash removes the natural protective thread coat which helps towels get softer and more absorbent . After each wash your towel will get softer and don’t forget to add some white vinegar during rinse cycle process, this helps to restore full absorbency by removing excess detergent which affects the peshtemal absorbency.

Smell the nature, as know regular terry towels starts smells bad during the time but after you start using Turkish towel’s you will get rid of mildew smell entire lifetime of peshtemal. Use peshtemal instead of stinkpot terry towels.